Stand Alone (Computer) ECM Flash 1999 – 2006


I’ll need to know some basic information from you such as engine size, transmission type, stock injectors or if you are using something else, and any other changes you’ve made.

Please see the form under the Description Below.

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I can program your engine computer(ECM) to work in a basic stand-alone configuration.
This is only for naturally aspirated stock or lightly modified swaps. I will not tune for highly modified engines or any type of forced induction via email. These major modifications require dyno tuning and should not be attempted via mail order.

I can only flash a red/blue(1999-2002) ECM for a drive by cable and the green/blue(2003-2006) ECM for drive by wire.

This service is only available for the $100 price for 1999-06 trucks and 99-02 f-body’s. Anything else can be done but the price will be more.

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