NEW LS1 Harnesses 1999-2006


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I’m now making Brand new wiring harnesses for your 99-06 f-body or Truck LS1 style engine. These are built by me, not someone in some far off country that you can’t reach for help after the sale. They take about 2-3 weeks once you place your order and we go over what you have and what you need.

These harnesses will put the PCM inside the cab and come with a grommet for a simple 2” hole. These can be made for Drive By Cable (99-02 trucks and f-body’s) or Drive by wire (03-06). I can make your drive by wire a drive by cable harness but you’ll half to have a Drive by Cable PCM (99-02 with the blue/red connectors). I may be able to help find one if need be.

These are just a nice set up for everyone and ensures a properly working setup when completed.

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