My harnesses are universal and not specific to any one vehicle. It only requires one wire to be connected to a key on switch wire so it is very simple to interface with any type of vehicle, air boat, rock crawler etc...

My harnesses do come with a speedometer output wire and a tachometer output wire but these are only compatible with stock Gm instrument clusters from the specific truck or car it come from.  The speedometer will interface with a Dakota Digital SGI-5 box and it will make it work with any electronically driven speedometer. There are other converters out there that can turn it into a cable driven speedometer too, google is your friend.

The tachometer signal from any LS based engine is setup like a 4 cylinder output. So basically if you’re using a aftermarket tachometer you’ll just set it up on a 4 cylinder signal and it will work as normal.

The new harness will not have a oil pressure connector as it’s only for a gauge, the computer doesn’t care. You’ll just use the sensor for the gauges you’re using and screw it into the back of the block at the top of the lifter Vally. Now this is a metric threaded hole so you’ll need a adapter fitting. These again, google is your friend as you’re not the first to try it. Oriellys has a nice metric to standard adapter set.

No, you’ll need a red/blue Pcm from a 1999-2002 model.

No, it is junk and needs to be thrown away. I have a 100% failure rate with flashing the 98’ ECM. You can use my new harness and a 99-up ECM with the 98’ engine and it will work worlds better.

No, I can only remove the rear catalyst monitors but the front two oxygen sensors and the Mass air meter are required for proper daily driving applications.

Now if you want a all out racer sure I can but I won’t flash the Pcm as it must be dyno-tuned for proper operation.